Weight loss tips from an overweight | It’s not about the weight


Hello, and welcome to the series "The issue is not the weight" This is the last part of the series and if you have not seen before, I'll put the link YouTube's cards, here, or here I'm not sure

And I'll tell you why you should listen slimming tips from an overweight I'm not even one success story I'm sure you've seen countless "proven" methods, which obviously does not work, very rarely worked And I nevertheless share with you all this information / ideas / practices / techniques, but I'm still overweight, but I'm on your side And not just say things because I no longer succeed and do not care

Not even saying "This I did and it worked and you should do it too" No What I am saying is that there are so many tools to explore ourselves, our inner world and resolve our issues I give you information and resources and what I want to do anyone interested is to find his own way, to find his own guide Not provide instructions, programs, steps to follow

The only steps that would follow albeit endiafereste- is what will lead you to the own, personal driver If everything has worked for me, does not mean it will work for you I'm not talking about these tools per se Meditation, visualization, the EFT, or any of the tools I use and love Talk about the habits, and even the order in which we will use

For example, techniques using EFT for about two years and recently had an incredible experience with them I will not tell you the story, here in this video, because as I said before, I do not want to bore those who do not care about the issue There is a link in the description where you can sign up for some free lessons on the topic spirituality, slimming and entrepreneurship All these together And I would be very happy to see you there! That is why I chose to appear now, now share the tools, enthusiasm and my progress

And precisely because this is the idea I want to share with you: "I will not wait for life to start 30 kilos by now" as has said Kelsey Miller So I hope to see you at free courses Until next time, be well Hello

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