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– Good afternoon gentleman, I'm Ollie, it's 2018, it's Make Me That Guy, I hope you had a great Christmas, and of course, a happy new year If you're anything like me, I've been eating far too much

I've been in a semi-state of alcoholism for the last 10 days It's time to fix up, look sharp, and get back in shape for 2018 Thus, the theme of today's video is new year weight loss, and the best way to go about getting rid of that Father Christmas belly, cutting that new year blubber, getting your ass back in shape So our first point is to not focus on dieting Okay, what is a diet? Really, for me, when I think of a diet, I conjure up people who are starving themselves and religiously watching the scales, trying to cut calorie intake massively and leaving themselves in a deficit, something they're not used to

And setting themselves up to fall at the first hurdle when it starts getting tough, they crave the food they're cutting out, they're not taking on enough other food sources to give them enough energy, and the diet messes up They end up putting the weight back on and thus they fluctuate between these extremes throughout their whole lives, alright? The best way to diet is to, yes, of course, cut calories and lose weight, but it is to learn about nutrition and the philosophy behind it, alright? So, do a little bit of research into the best way to eat, the best substances to cut out I personally think that I respond better cutting carbohydrates, thus I will be totally cutting those carbs in January in order to get back to the lean physique which I desire This is gonna work for everyone, but of course, bigger people are gonna find it harder to cut out the carbohydrates, harder to cut calories, so you have to be gentle with yourself, alright? Learn about nutrition, learn how to diet properly, give yourself a plan, and start to eat new food sources and healthier food sources to replace the carbs, the crap, the processed food, which you need to cut out So first point is don't diet, change your philosophy of nutrition

Point two, right? Having learned about the philosophy of nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat, a great addition to your kitchen would be this, ding! The NutriBullet Okay, this is a smoothie maker This has been absolutely massive worldwide, whoever invented this has made a shit load of money, wish it was me, right? I have one of these and they are perfect for getting all of the five essentials you need everyday into your diet, cutting calories, cutting out carbs So, get yourself a NutribBllet If you want to go really hard on the NutriBullet, you could also cut out another meal of the day and have another smoothie, bring it to work with you, and have one for lunch

A thick, stodgy smoothie is actually gonna have quite a lot of calories in it, and plus, it's gonna be perfectly nutritionally balanced, and it's gonna help you to lose that weight you put on over Christmas or just in general Tip number three Alright, snackzilla! Move away from the fridge Okay? It is get rid of the snacks, okay? I see this all the time People think, okay, I'll go on a diet but I'll just have these treats in my house, you know, my partner, they won't know

I get them for the kids What if you got friends over? No! That is the wrong attitude You must clean your house of all junk food, all snacks! I, for example, don't even want bread in my house Cereals, I don't even want any of this stuff when I'm really trying to eat clean, alright? So, get rid of it all No more snacks

If you don't have to prepare the food, then it shouldn't be there The only kind of readily-eatable stuff that should be in your house is maybe a small amount of nuts, some dried fruits, and cooked meat These are all healthy, natural substances Plus, if you do have these foods around you, it's temptation You are most likely to mess up your diet impulsively

You're bloody hungry, you're on a calorie-deficit, you can't wait that extra hour and a half until your meager dinner, it's getting you down, you're used to binge eating or indulging on foods when you're bored or lonely, or depressed, or unhappy, whatever, you wanna get it all away so you cannot have that impulsive moment You walk in and before you know it, you've eaten a load of crap and you're like, aw, man! If it's not there, you can't do it You're most likely to be weak if it's around you Cut it all out, keep your house a clean eating zone Alright, tip number four is exercise! Okay, I have a lot of clients I help with fitness and nutrition, and one of the main things I see is people wanna lose weight but they just wanna stop eating

Oh, I'll just cut all the calories out and then I don't have to go to the gym Come on, don't be lazy You need to do some exercise, this promotes good weight loss Just terrorizing yourself and starving yourself is really unhealthy, it's bad for you, and you're more likely to mess up once a couple of weeks have gone past and go back to old habits It's a lifestyle change so get some exercise in there

If you hate the gym or you're too embarrassed for the gym because some people are a bit more overweight or embarrassed for the gym, or they just don't feel comfortable there, makes them nervous, then do something else Cycle to work everyday, cycle everyday after work, go for a jog in the evening around the block 10 times, get some weights for your home You have to start doing more healthy activities Ideally, you would join the gym and go there three times a week initially and then bump that up and try and get in there as much as you can everyday When combined with the right diet, this will also allow you to eat more because you'll be burning more energy, you'll build muscle so you'll actually look better, and you won't get looser skin which you get from crash dieting

You'll also be releasing endorphins which makes you feel good, at a time where you might be feeling a bit down because you're cutting out all this junk food which you've been craving before, and that has a massive effect on your morale So the gym is all good But any exercise helps you to feel happier, more healthy, it's gonna help to burn calories, speed up your metabolism, and get you in shape So guys, exercise, not just calorie-cutting Okay, number five

Be aware of the two week, two to three week danger zone Okay, it's no coincidence, you go into the gym, January the 4th, 3rd, and it's full with new people! With new water bottles and matching head gear, and a matching, little pair of shorts and shoes All the gear, no idea Lots of people are gonna join the gym, they're gonna start their diets, their new year's resolutions, and they're gonna fall off within two weeks, alright? Be aware, that tends to happen The two to three week period when shit gets real, people jump ship

Don't be like that Stay on it, right? If you need to do this, be aware The first thing is that you're most likely to fall off, end of the first month, after about two weeks Be aware, this is the danger zone Be extra, extra sure, if I can get through this place, this period of time where it's toughest to keep my morale, keep getting in there, the weather's terrible, I don't want to go after work, I've been working hard, oh, I'll just stay at home, I'll just have a pizza, no! Alright? This is the danger zone

If you can get past this period, it all gets better Trust me, from a fitness addict Point number six It often helps a lot of people to monitor their progress You're seeing this all over Instagram, Facebook, like before and after shots

You don't need to self-publicize and show off like that, although you can if you want, why not be proud of your achievement? But it really helps you if you take a picture of you January the 2nd, looking like Jabba the Hutt Blech, right? Feeling terrible, and you're like, man, put that up on the wall! That picture And remember, that's where you started Every time you're feeling weak, have a look at those pictures, look how far you've come and know where you wanna be And after six months, you can have one of those really lame, cheesy before and after shots and show off to all your buddies on Instagram who don't care

But who'll like it anyway, because we're all superficial and fucked up Alright, our final point, number seven is to seek advice If you have no idea about nutrition, google the hell out of it If you still are confused about it, go and see somebody This is your health we're talking about

It's worth chucking a couple of hundred quid at a nutritionist, or some money at a personal trainer to help you to work out, to give you that boost, right? It's really worth doing that, okay? So seek advice This is worth it, this is your life, your weight, your health If you do not know what you're doing, then pay a professional Using a personal trainer will also help to motivate you, alright? You're gonna know you've got an appointment, you're gonna have to do it, he's gonna make you work hard, he's gonna tell you what to do, you can sit back, relax, and just have the agony of actually doing it But you're not gonna have to plan it and overthink it

You turn up, you do what he says, and you leave, especially when you're a beginner, alright? There's nothing worse than walking in a gym, having no clue what you're doing, and everyone around you being in better shape Bring a personal trainer, it's you and him, he's your buddy, he's gonna get you there Unless he's rubbish, and then get a new one! Alright, so guys, that was our seven new year's weight loss tips for 2018, at any year, right? But first remember, you've gotta be serious about it If you don't want it, you're not gonna achieve it Use those tips to help you want it and help you get it! And you can be in awesome shape for the summer, rocking that bikini, rocking those tight Speedos like I do

Maybe not Anyway boys, no more imagining me in Speedos, it's Make Me That Guy, I'm Ollie, be sure to like subscribe, leave us a comment, and stay tuned Peace (light hip-hop music)

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