Tracking Your Food for Weight Loss


Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of Walk with Me This is Josh here, and today we are celebrating 100 videos on the channel and I wanted to share with you my best tips and practices for tracking your food

Let’s get into it So 100 videos I wanted to take a minute before we get into the main topic, just to thank all of you I know you guys give me a lot of credit and say such nice things in the comments about how I was able to help, but I just wanted you all to know it definitely goes both ways You guys all help me so much with keeping myself on track and honest and I really love helping you

And it’s just been an incredibly rewarding almost year now, being able to help all of you guys, and it’s helped me so much in the process Because I’m nowhere near perfect Every topic, everything I’ve ever covered on this channel, it’s all from things that I’ve struggled with or experienced in my own life So don’t think that you’re alone or the only one having trouble And that was a big reason why I started this channel, if I can save any of you time or energy or heartache on this journey I think I’ve won

Thank you guys all so much for being there for me, I’m excited to continue being here for you and I’m excited for another 100 videos But onto the main topic at hand, tracking your food You know, I forget sometimes to go over some of the basics, the longer time goes by for maintenance for me it’s easy to forget what has become the new normal Your diet is going to be the number one thing that needs to be on track for continued success with your weight loss If anyone doesn’t know, I’m an advocate and I personally follow flexible dieting or if it fits your macros

I’ve made a bunch of other videos about how to set that up and get started, but first and most important thing for how to track your food is where to do it There are a few competing apps out there for calorie tracking, I’ve tested them over the years and myfitnesspal has definitely been my number one pick The interface isn’t the nicest but they definitely have the biggest database of food, and being able to find the food that you need to log is the most important thing So if anyone’s not sure of what app to be using, myfitnesspal has definitely been the most thorough The last couple of weeks I’ve been testing a new app called evolve that John Glaude, obese to beast, has been working on

The interface is really great but the database doesn’t seem to be there, so I’m curious to see how that goes I don’t want to give a full review yet, I want to try it a little bit longer first Myfitnesspal has definitely been great and more than enough for what I need The next tip I wanted to go over, get a food scale! Get a food scale, get a food scale, get a food scale I am so irritated with myself that it took me so long, tracking your food by weight is crucially important

Volume measurements lead to a lot of inaccuracies, and those little inaccuracies compound When you’re tracking multiple things throughout the day, those compounds can really eat away at your deficit and you want to make sure you keep control of your intake, and the best and most accurate way to do that is with a food scale So portion out your food by weight, I'll leave a link below to the one I use It's nothing special, I think it was only like 7 or 8 bucks on amazon But I did not get that scale until years into my tracking and I wish I would have gotten it sooner

The amount of things that were way off that I was sure I was tracking properly was just crazy And when a lot of people struggle with plateaus or don't understand why they're not losing weight, I really do believe the majority of the time it just comes down to tracking inaccuracies, so if you're still measuring your food by volume, cut it out, go buy a scale, it is so important The last point I wanted to make Be honest, and be accurate And this one's obvious, but probably the hardest one to make sure and stick to, but you need to make sure you're not trying to 'fudge the numbers' when you're tracking your food

That little extra snack or serving of this, or helping of that, it's something that makes a big difference for your overall calorie intake and burn Those little things make a big impact on a bigger scale, so just really make sure you're logging and tracking your food as accurately and as honestly as you can Something that I do when I'm dieting down to help with this, in the mornings I usually will go through and pre-log all of my food onto myfitnesspal It just really gets me set up for the day and keeps me aware of where I'm at for my calories, because if you don't know there's no way to stay on track so that helps me know So I would also recommend that as well, log everything in the morning if you can, just so you can go and start your day stress-free, you're not thinking about it, you're not worrying about it

You're all set up But that's gonna wrap it up for the video, thank you guys all so much again for supporting me through 100 videos— Something's bugging my allergies But anyway, be sure to like the video if you enjoyed it, as always it really does help me out a ton, and leave me a comment down below, what's your best tip for tracking? For anyone starting off, what advice would you give them? I'm hoping this can be a little bit of a haven for knowledge for folks so leave that comment below and let everyone know Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more videos, I put new ones out twice a week I make these on Monday's, I make other videos on Friday's, but until next time I will talk to you all later

Have a good one

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