How to LOSE WEIGHT with πŸ’š HERBALIFE Products 3 Tips for Best Results πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜„


Hello my name is Alex welcome to weight loss nutrition shakes dot com in this video I will share with you three important tips to lose weight with Herbalife products so stay tuned because this is going to help you a lot! Number one, set realistic goals when starting on a weight-loss journey it might seem like a good idea to set a high goal, however this can result in being discouraged quickly, it is better to set a realistic goal so that the diet does not interfere with your life, work, or energy level to stay high, a realistic goal for most people is losing 1 to 2 pounds per week, this means burning 500 to 1000 calories each day, since most people are cutting calories the Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex helps to ensure that while on a weight-loss program you get the right amount of essential nutrients every day Herbalife Formula 2 should be taken in the morning and in the night or as directed, the Herbalife shake should make you feel satisfied rather than make you hungry for additional meals, the shakes are available in a variety of flavours from French vanilla, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, orange cream, mint chocolate, dutch chocolate, wild berry, pina colada, cafe latte and my favorite banana caramel! Number 2 eat healthy and balanced meals The Herbalife products are a part of balanced diet so that you get all the essential nutrients while lowering the caloric intake for weight loss the Herbalife Formula 1 healthy meal nutritional Shake contains 21 vitamins and minerals proteins and fiber, making it a well-rounded meal for breakfast lunch or dinner you should add to your shake fresh fruit as well as milk or soy milk before blending up protein and fiber promote satiety to reduce appetite and the right mix of vitamins and minerals ensure an overall healthy body including skin and organs you can consume the shake during the early weight loss phase and during the late weight management phase, you should never feel starving as that means something is not working correctly

Number three fitness routine An effective fitness routine is based on cardiovascular training strength training and flexibility training all of these come together to ensure a body that is fit and able to take on life's challenges, Herbalife 24 helps to maintain balanced nutrition and hydration levels during the exercise and it contains metabolism supporting B vitamins that work to increase overall energy levels B vitamins are typically found in animal fats such as beef eggs and chicken by consuming B vitamins via shake or drink it becomes easier for you to lose weight without becoming deficient in these important vitamins If you'd like to learn more visit my blog to download the FREE guide for beginners and the PDF Catalog, subscribe to my newsletter for more tips and exclusive content to help you in your journey to a better health, find the link in the description box below if you find this video useful please like subscribe and share with somebody you think might benefit from it please leave me a comment or if you have any question feel free to contact me My name is Alex from weight loss nutrition shakes dot com Thank you for watching bye for now!

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