EASY WEIGHTLOSS TIPS / How I Lost 40+ Pounds!


Hey everyone, I'm Maritza welcome to my channel so this video is a long-overdue This is the second video to like my whole weight loss journey story Type of thing I have going on, on this channel if you haven't watched the first video I'll leave it linked down below all the things I talked about in the first video were really important I feel the things I'm going to talk about in this video are just as important So let's just go and get straight into the video so the first thing I'm going to talk about which I think is one of The most important things when it comes to weight loss is TDEE and BMR I personally used to think that you would have to work out a ton at the gym to burn off what you would intake People always talk about how you need a deficit How you need to burn off more than what you consume

So I really never thought in my head about how my body would burn so many calories just by being alive and a BMR calculator Which I'll try to link down below pretty much you put in your information and it tells you how many calories you were to burn if you only stayed in bed like the Whole day for a full 24 hours Now if you want to know specifically how many calories you've burned for how active you are each day That's what the TDEE calculator is good for which I'll also be linking So with the TDEE calculator I was able to figure out how many calories my body burns with everything I do every day and I do have to say now that I have started to exercise my Intake for each day is a lot more before my intake for each day at the most was just like I could just have like 1400 calories now that I'm working out almost every single day the calories I have are up to 2000 so everybody is different Based on your height and what you already weigh And if you want to lose weight if you just want to maintain So I think this is really really important to figure out how many calories you're supposed to have so if it wasn't for this information I wouldn't know how many calories I'm supposed to consume I Would consume so much more than I was supposed to before which is One of the reasons why I gained do in the first place like I mentioned in the first video I am an emotional eater I would Overeat and you know I was going through a depression and a bunch of stuff so when I was trying to lose weight I would Just do like 200 calories less than what I was consuming because at the time I was not focused on exercise or anything just simply focus on my diet, well I personally recommend is to just focus on your diet first and then exercise So if that's what you decide to do, then I would recommend just creating a deficit by let's say your calories for a day are 1700 to do 1500 and that should really like make a difference so in my personal opinion I do Recommend sticking to one thing and then doing the other but if you decide to focus on both your diet and exercising Please don't think that you can eat whatever you want and that exercise will make it okay That's how I used to think and that's why I didn't see much improvement in my body I used to think I could eat super late at night And I could eat a bunch of junk food and that exercise is gonna make it all okay And that's just not the right mindset and I know I'm not the only one with that mindset I know a lot of people think that exercise makes like a Crappy diet okay, and it just doesn't so if that's what you're doing and you're not seeing much improvement Then that's probably why you do need to focus on what you're consuming as well That you're not having too many calories and that you're making better decisions for yourself So the third thing I want to talk about which was a big factor in my weight loss as well was that I started to Plan out my meals first I started with just planning out a week in advance and now sometimes I even plan like three weeks in advance because I've gotten so Good at meal planning one thing I noticed is that since I didn't really plan my meals ahead of time And it was a that same date decision that sometimes I'd be like eh instead of cooking let's go eat out or sometimes because I was running out of time i'd make something really fast It was really unhealthy, but now that I plan out my meals ahead of time

I know what to expect I know to make time to make certain things And it helps me kind of like balance my meals if I know let's say for example Tuesday I'm gonna have a heavy dinner, then I'll know what to make for breakfast and lunch so that my whole overall Daily meal balance will be there and even if it's a day that I know I'm gonna go eat out I try to plan that out as well if I am gonna go out to some restaurant and eat like a really like a heavy dinner Then I'll know to keep it light during the day so planning out meals ahead of time like I said I think it just helps you be able to make better choices You'll see what you're having for the whole week, and you'll be able to see okay I should have more of this less and also before I found that sometimes I just I wouldn't know what to make but now that I plan everything ahead of time I don't end up just choosing something easy That's unhealthy or just something unhealthy in general Number four you really need discipline and don't think you're gonna Have it right off the bat It's something you learn through time and get better at before there was a bunch of unhealthy food in front of me I would not be able to contain myself I would go right at it and eat it, now I can have like I don't know just something really unhealthy in front of me, and if I'm full I'm full I'm not gonna go and get it you also need discipline if you're gonna be working out just For all of it in general before food definitely had its control over me like I said That's how I gaind a bunch of weight, but now I have control over it Don't feel bad if in the beginning It's hard for you to have discipline because as time went on I got so much better at it I had tried to lose weight before and then ended up getting it all back because I wasn't disciplined But now that I am and now that I know all these things

It's just it's so much easier So it's just something you need to keep pushing yourself to do every single day And I promise you it'll all become so much easier so a little bit ago I mentioned that I think you should focus on your diet first and then exercise and the reason I say that's because sometimes for beginners when you try to start something you overwhelm yourself because you're trying to do too much at one time And that's what I think was happening to me because once I decided to really get healthy I'm like okay I'll do exercise and diet But I just I couldn't give you my all to either one so me personally just focusing on my diet in itself That helped me and I was able to lose a bunch of weight and now that I have kind that under control I'm trying to focus more on exercise, To me personally it was just something that worked for me If I try to do too much at one time I got Overwhelmed and I do know that happens with a lot of people so don't feel bad if that's what happens to you It's okay You can always just focus on one thing at a time so with everything you do yes It is good to have goals But also you need to be realistic about it all and I think being realistic will help you Be able to reach your goals without being unmotivated like when you're halfway there Well the next thing I feel is so important whether you're just trying to maintain lose weight just for life in general is to Listen to your body there are those foods I used to eat before and I'd end up feeling really crappy, but I still eating them I was like whatever maybe my body will get used to them sometime There's just foods that your body doesn't like for example for me if I eat too much salty foods i end up feeling really gross and just not good certain dairy things just like make me sick There's foods that just end up making you so bloated and when I started to eat them less or just cut them out completely My tummy saw a big improvement I didn't just see a difference in my stomach from like losing weight But just from listening to my body in itself because I stopped being so bloated and all of that so obviously with weight loss my stomach did shrink But it really helps to like take those foods out of my everyday diet if you're trying to lose weight I'm sure you've already heard this a lot or read this a lot but everybody always says to drink water and it made such an improvement in me it really really did just I'm just gonna leave it at that just drink more water And I promise it you'll see an improvement It used to be so hard to get myself to drink water before but now it's just it's so easy so Drink more water the next thing I want to talk about is to not buy tempting things I mentioned earlier that it's all about having discipline, but you're setting yourself up for failure if there's things You know you're gonna want to eat a lot of if you have it in stock at home so when I do groceries There's just certain things

I don't just keep around the house if I ever have a chip craving I just make room for it and my daily diet and I go get it that same day I get a single serving size because I know if I have like a big bag just hanging around the house I'm just gonna want to go and get a little bit here and there throughout the day and I'll tell myself Oh, it's okay It's in my daily calorie limit, but you go get a little bit throughout the whole day and end up eating too many chips So that's just me personally if there's any food you know for you are gonna Be just a temptation to have in the house then just don't buy it sometimes We're the ones that set our own selves up for failure, so just don't do it If there's something tempting Just don't buy it and another thing I want to say is that I don't know if this is cultural but in the Mexican culture oil is used So much to cook and that's one of those things I don't really buy and keep around obviously for some meals you just need it, but I try not to cook with it Too often so that's as well so depending on your culture I'm sure that there's different foods that you have like a lot of and sometimes You don't realize that they're unhealthy But they are like I said in the Mexican culture For some reason so many of the meals are made with oil so if there's something like that in your culture that you know It's probably unhealthy and you have a lot maybe Just cut back on it, so that's it for this video guys I hope you guys could find some tips from what I did to achieve my weight loss and like I said I will link the first video down below, and that's it for today Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you guys next time bye

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