Beat cravings with this simple trick. C.R.A.V.E. Easy tips for weight loss nutrition Eps 10


Okay, so I'm gonna give you 5 steps to Beat cravings And we think of it like this think of the word craze you got the cravings think of the word cream See Confess you have to confess that you Have an issue that something's wrong So the confession means to say the same thing So you're gonna call it what God calls it is it gluttony is that why you want to eat? okay, so you gather identify the problem you're gonna confess it to God and then to our remember our word crave or repent we're print repent means they're going this way and You're gonna confess it to God, but after you confess They mature and go the other way Repent so you're gonna you're going this way and look at it like this You're kind of you're doing this thing and you're gonna change what you're doing The next Letter and Craig is a ask Your gonna ask God to fill you And you're gonna go to his word and you're gonna read his word When you ask God? you are abiding in his will you you want what he wants not what you want so a is for ask the Very special the think victory That because you've confessed Because you've repented because you've asked God to fill you you're gonna believe go and believe that he will fit and That's gonna

Give you victory e Is for exercise we've got our word crave confess for see our to repent a Or ask something you might have if you want to ask God if you're not a Christian just put action in their Feet after you've done all that you're gonna victory now to e Exercise It's so important there's so much exercising in fasting for spiritual growth and that Exercise that you want to do is you're exercising your willpower you're strengthening the muscle of your willpower Something And remember when I said repent you're going this way, and you want to change that way you want to go a different way well Remember if you're doing one thing you've changed and you do something else well There's your exercise get up and move Whenever I'm hungry whenever I have cravings that I want I'm trying to fight get up and take a walk exercise get moving Anyway when we come back I'm going to talk about why? the why Behind this diet why do we? practice this diet If you like this video please press like subscribe and if you want notification of when I Upload another video There's a bail up at the top click It make sure you sign in and it will alert you when I put another video of a blessed day till next time You've been watching the dieting mind

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