5 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid in 2018


5 Weight Loss Mistakes to avoid in two thousand and eighteen Mistake Number 1 – Avoiding healthy foods Now this may seem illogical, but people do avoid healthy food when trying to lose weight! There are various reasons for it, it can be down to taste, or the thought that you will be eating something that won't totally satisfy you

Part of the issue is that our taste buds become used to bad food over time Bad eating habits can actually sculpt your pallet, leading to you craving junk food, candy, sugary drinks and processed foods This pattern of avoiding healthy food can be broken If you make the effort to avoid foods that are unhealthy and high in sugar, salt and fat then your taste buds can be naturally reset We also tend to avoid healthy foods because we start out too extreme on our diets

We tend to limit ourselves too much, thinking that we can survive on carrot sticks all day and rice cakes for dinner The key to diet success is variety Vegetable salads and medleys are extremely healthy meals with lots of delicious flavors Throw some peppers, carrots and fresh fruits in your salad and a splash of some nice balsamic vinegar and you've got a deliciously satisfying plate of food! It is habit and choice which drives us to avoid healthy foods, but these can be modified and changed over time with the commitment to losing weight and having a well balanced diet Mistake Number 2 – Not enough exercise Exercise on it's own is not the key to losing weight, you need to combine exercise and a healthy diet to lose weight naturally and for good

We don't all have the time to commit to a consistent exercise plan, or the exercise that we do do is not enough to achieve the goals that we set Often we set goals that are unachievable, and when that happens we just stop trying Set realistic exercise goals that are achievable and practical The best way to do this is to break up your bigger goals into smaller steps For instance, if your goal is to lose 5 pounds in three weeks then think about how you are going to achieve that

Make a plan and stick to it, it could be along the lines of: I'll do 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'm also going to cut out sugar from my diet I'm not going to drink any more sugary sodas, instead I'll drink water and eat sweet, water-rich fruits like watermelon Little steps like these, one week at a time, can have a massive impact on your success and help you to meet your goals After each week evaluate what you have achieved and increase your targets a little for the next week

Adding an extra five minutes of exercise per day or stepping up your pace Alternatively, if your original plan was a little too much then perhaps reduce your targets to two 15-minute walks, or three 10 minute walks All of these are equally effective when it comes to losing weight and improving your cardiovascular health The Third Weight Loss Mistake To Avoid in 2018 – Bad eating habits If we're honest, we all have bad eating habits! Quite often we don't even realize that we are doing them For instance, snacking between meals, or grazing after dinner before we go to bed

Another common bad eating habit is skipping meals This is particularly bad as skipping meals can bring on intense hunger that can easily lead to binges A little mantra to keep in mind is “Don't starve and don't stuff” Get your body into a rhythm and pay good attention to when you are hungry and when you are full Eat when you are hungry, but don't wait until you are ravenous

And stop eating when you've had enough, you're pleasantly full and not fit to burst! Mistake Number 4 – Cutting out alcohol You may not think this, but swearing off alcohol to help lose weight is a big fat no-no When we ban things from our diets we feel deprived of them, and if you indulge a little with maybe a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, then there is a much greater chance of falling off the wagon We all know that alcohol is full of empty calories, but it is a part of many people's social lives, so if you're already following a low calorie diet then you should have room to indulge in a drink or two a week Everything in moderation Mistake Number 5 – Eating low fat/ low sugar substitutes It may seem a obvious choice to switch to low-fat or low-sugar foods to help save calories, but it is actually counter-intuitive

Research chows that when we eat these kinds of products we are prone to eating more calories overall This is because these foodstuffs are usually low in fiber and protein, which keep you fuller for longer It can be tempting to switch to the low-sugar and low-fat alternatives, but eating smaller portions of the real thing can be much more satisfying Eating a small amount of the good stuff triggers your brain to acknowledge you've had a fulfilling, satisfying treat and you're done! I hope you enjoyed this video and found some good tips on what weight loss mistakes to avoid in 2018! Please like, subscribe and share If you want some extra tips then get my FREE diet tips Ebook, the link is in the description below

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