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Top 10 Highest Paying Demand Jobs in USA in 2015

Top 10 Highest Paying Demand Jobs in USA in 2015

Top 10 Highest Paying Demand Jobs in USA in 2015 | Best Jobs

Every person in this world needs a good jobs in best branded place to work with. In todays market , getting a good job is having the right skill set. Growth in income and Safe work environment shows sign of future growth. Top 10 Highest Paying Demand Jobs in USA in 2015 , Software and tech industries have best opening and even in the field of health care like occupational therapist and audiologist also have a best jobs . Health care and technology sector are in high demand and provide competitive salaried job . The most desirable jobs in America depends on the availability, day –to- day requirement on job, following are the top 10 jobs in America:

Top 10 Highest Paying Demand Jobs in USA in 2015 | Vacancies in America

Software archetech:

Software archetech create programs on computer language, mostly on C-suit and plays an important role in executing management and tech. They are responsible in their company’s computer strategy. The job in this field is very demanding and a bachelor’s degree is required. According to CNN money an average of $119000 was earned in the year 2012 as compared to the top earners. CNN money gave an estimated value in job demand over 10 year gowth og 24.6%.

Marketing consultant :

A marketing consultant is the person who works with the company to create and implement the marketing strategy. The strategy depends on what the product and services a company provide. They monitor the market demand and ensure that the company gets the profit from the marketing efforts. They not only think creatively but analytically. They should be knowledgeable and skilled in consumer behavior and marketing process which includes position of their products and consumer interest. According to CNN money job growth in this field is about 41.2 % in 10 years.

Bio medical Engineer :

The Bio medical engineering is the principles and design concept to medicine and biology for health care purposes .The engineers design organs , prosthetic limbs and regenerative tissues . The work much depends on research and development. This is a highest paid job and they can work any where either in hospitals , industries , labs and universities. According to CNN money 61.7 % of growth is there in 10 years.

Database administrator :

Database administrator is an IT professional who is responsible for keeping an organisation’s data safe. The role includes design and development of database strategies , system performance and improving database capacity and performance. A bachelor’s degree is required in this field eg : Information system, information technology , management information system. As per CNN money 30.6% of job growth in 10 years.

Financial Advisor :

To keep one’s money safe and which is the right place to invest we need the advice of the financial advisor . They asure their client in making the right investments , deductions and savings. They have the choice of their own to work from home or join other organization. As per CNN money they earn $ 90,200. The total growth in 10 years is 32.1 %.

Software developer:

A person who develops software and gets involved in all phases of development like code and design is known as software developers. They are categorized in three titles such as computer programmers, software engineer and software analyst .they can work independently by gaining their recognition of their design. They earn a lot and can earn more by increasing demand of software apps and video games. As per CNN money about 24.6 % of job growth in 10 years. They earn $ 90530 working in a company compared to top earners making $ 133110 in a year.

Web designer :

Web design encircles different disciplines and skills in the production and maintenance of websites. The areas include : web graphic design , search engine optimization , user experience design and interface design. The web design is used to describe the design process relating to client side design of a web site . They can work fom home and have the right to express themselves through their artistic sensibilities. They earn $ 77990 a year and about 21.7 % of job growth is there.

Physical Therapist :

Physical Therapist are those who help people to serve with their injuries and illness that requires exercise to recover their movements. It is a rehabilitation and physical medicine of life through diagnosis and examination . They examine patients strength , joint range of motion , flexibility and balance . This is a rewarding career in helping people to regain their independence . They get $76310 to $ 107920. CNN money gave the structure of 39 % of growth.

Occupational Therapist:

There work is similar to physical therapist . They help people to live their everyday life through movement. Their work is to focus on specific movement and educate the client on participation of activites required on daily basis like putting on shoes etc.They work with professionals in speech therapy , physical therapy , social therapy. They earn $72320 and as per CNN money 33.5 % of jobs are available.

Pharmacist :

Pharmacist are also known as chemist or druggist and are health care professionals. They are in demand as the increase in demand of drugs. Currently there are 272,320 Pharmacist in United states . They are also a member of health care team . They need to go university level education to understand biochemical mechanism. They earn median salary.

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