Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in USA

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in USA

Best Jobs in USA 2015

The list is based on many factors such as career growth rate, number of new vacancies, annual salary and job satisfaction level. All the best with your job search and don’t forget to share your job experiences with us.

U.S.A. is the hub of jobs in the world. There is huge potential in America. But the main question is to find the right job which suits you. U.S.A. is the biggest economy in the world. There are many job opportunities in U.S.A. for local citizens and foreign immigrants. Now we are going to discuss about 10 Top Jobs in U.S.A.

1. DOCTORS AND SURGEONS: It is one of the most respectable professions. They are in most demand. This is a most regulated profession but still doctors are earning a huge amount. Doctors and Surgeons have big social responsibilities.

2. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER(CEO)* CEO job is the highest paid job. They have the highest salary for Fortune 500 companies. The average compensation is around $ 10 million per annum. CEOs give direction to the business of an organization. There is no academic criteria for CEOs. Even school dropouts are CEOs.

3. SOFTWARE ENGINEER: Software engineers enjoy good packages in the company that range from around $ 54K-$120K per annum. With the advancement of IT infrastructure, the demand for software engineers is increasing.

4. PETROLEUM ENGINEER: The demands for energy and fuel are gojng upwards. Petroleum engineers produce fuel and energy from petroleum. The average salary of petroleum engineer ranges from $60K-per annum. This job demands hard work and career prospects are bright in America.

5. ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR WHORUSH: In America Bookkeeping and Auditing is a legal requirement for a large number of traders and corporations.The things to be most admired about this profession are least job volatility and bright career prospects and growth.

6.CIVIL ENGINEERS: The ageing infrastructure of America badly needs renovation .Without the input of civil engineers the construction of roads, bridges, buildings and sewerage systems won’t be possible. Civil engineers are in much demand whose earnings range from $48K-$116K per annum.

7.MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS: The management consultants utilize their strong analytical and planning skills to reserve large enterprises from operational inefficiencies. The main responsibilities include the betterment of work flow, reducing defects and overall operational costs. The average salary for this particular job ranges from $50K-$170K per annum.

8. FINANCIAL ADVISOR: Financial advisers provide advice to the financial investors helping them to take financial decisions. A financial adviser on average earns around $50K-$210K annually.

9. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER: Environmental engineers promote environmental activities and reduce environmental pollution. The average salary for this job ranges from $40$-$113K per annum.

10. LAWYER: Lawyers assist people in their legal matters and give advice to people in corporation in legal matters. Being a demanded workforce the average salary ranges from $40K-$190K per annum.

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