Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher | Fresher Jobs | High paying Jobs for Indian in USA 2015

Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher | Fresher Jobs | High paying Jobs for Indian in USA 2015

Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher| USA Fresher Jobs for Indian| Fresher Jobs.

America the country of dreams, if you want to do job with free culture with high paying then USA is the best place where you work. Due to high rate of unemployment companies are only hiring skilled people from abroad. You need to have a professional degree to work in USA. Usually, US or MNC’s companies hired people to work they are from technology field and Medical field is also very popular in US. If you have a medical degree from India then you have to appear an examination in USA after that you are qualified to work there. If you want to work in technology field, there are a lots of companies provide jobs in USA with experience as well as fresher candidates.

     If you want to work in USA then you need a H1 B visa or a green card and you get a H1 B visa only if you can find a sponsor. Find an employer who is ready to sponsor your work visa and you have to put hard work.

     Online job portal like Monster is a good site to look for prospective employers in USA. If you are selected by a US employer, make sure you sell your skills. Then you need a creative resume for highlight your skills, achievements, Basic information and other things. Your resume need to pin-point or highlighted with your skillset and achievement precisely. Resume needs to be written well because it’s your first interaction. If any USA employer like your resume then an interview conduct on your phone of internet like skype for video conference. In these days most of US companies take an interview on video conferencing via skype.

   If you can’t able to find a sponsor for your work visa in USA an alternative is marry a US citizen then you get a green card of USA. Today Find and Select business reviews tell about best Jobs in USA for fresher Indians. 

Jobs in USA for Indian Fresher

1. Physician Assistant:

Physician assistant is a nationally or state certified licensed medical profession. If you want to go to USA and then become a doctor then you need to clear an exam after that you are able to do job as a physician assistant.
Physician assistants typically obtain medical history. Physician assistants practices primary care and medical specialties, including surgery, emergency medicine, cardiology, etc.
Starting annual of Physician assistants is $92,970 to $130,620 per year.

2. Software Engineer:

Software engineering is the study of engineering to the design, development and maintenance of software. There are a lots of companies they provide Software engineering jobs to fresher Indian candidates. Computer programming knowledge is a prerequisite to becoming a software engineer. You need only software engineering certification all over the world.
Starting annual of software engineer is $85,320 to $96,260 per year.

3. Business Development Manager:

Business Development Manager’s tasks or processes are generally aimed at developing the organization and implementing growth opportunities within and between the organizations. Business Development Manager is concerned with the analytical preparation of potential growth for Management.
Starting Salary of Business Development Manager is $75,000 per year.

4. Human Resource Manager:

HRM is a function of organization to maximize employee performance of an employer’s strategic objectives. Human Resource manager primary concerned with manage human resources within the Organization. If you want to be Human Resource Manager in USA then you need certificate of Management Cources.
Starting Salary of human Resource Manager is $60,833 per year.

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