Fastest growing jobs in USA | USA Latest Jobs in 2015

Fastest growing jobs in USA | USA Latest Jobs in 2015

Fastest growing jobs in USA |USA Latest Jobs in 2015.

If you are confuse for your carrier then you should try the best and fastest growing jobs. Today Find and Select Business reviews tell about fastest growing jobs in US.
When it comes to the workforce, the only constant is change. New technology, an aging population and global commerce all contribute to which jobs are becoming obsolete and which are booming.
Every few years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the growth rate for occupations during the next decade; the current projections are for 2012 to 2022. We’ve pulled the top 10 jobs with the fastest growth.
Note that just because these jobs are growing rapidly doesn’t necessarily mean they pay well. But if one of the lower paying jobs interests you, be sure to explore other related jobs in the same field – sometimes a similar occupation may pay more.

Fastest growing jobs in USA | America.

Here are the following fastest growing jobs in USA: –

1. Software Architect

Median pay: – $124,000
Top pay: – $169,000
10-year job growth: – 23%

In the same way an architect designs a house, software architects lay out a design plan for new programs. That usually means leading a team of developers and engineers, and making sure all the pieces come together to make fully-functioning software. Software Architect is the fastest growing Job in US.

2. Video Game Designer

Median pay: – $79,900
Top pay: – $115,000
10-year job growth: – 19%

It’s not all fun and games for video game designers. Much like movie directors, they’re responsible for the entire creative vision of a project, and lead a team of programmers, designers and artists, to realize the vision. Video game Designer is the Second Fastest growing Job in US.

3. Landman

Median pay: – $103,000
Top pay: – $160,000
10-year job growth: – 13%

As the nation’s energy boom unfolds, landmen are needed to negotiate oil and gas leases between the companies and the folks that own the resources. They travel the countryside in search of people willing to sell their mineral rights, and match them with oil firms.
Despite fluctuations in the price of oil, long-term projections for the oil industry and the profession’s prospects remain strong.

4. Patent Agent

Median pay: – $126,000
Top pay: – $182,000
10-year job growth: – 13%

Patent agents look at inventions and decide if they should be patented, prepare and file patent applications, and represent inventors in front of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

5. Hospital Administrator

Median pay: – $114,000
Top pay: – $207,000
10-year job growth: – 23%

Hospital administrators coordinate with different departments and staff to keep the place running smoothly. They juggle medical professionals, patients and operating staff to create an efficient operation.

6. Continuous Improvemt. Manager

Median pay: – $96,600
Top pay: – $130,000
10-year job growth: – 12%

Continuous improvement managers identify goals that make a company more efficient, then teach employees how to work toward those targets, and review how well these practices are embedded in the culture. It’s all about making sure a company continues to move forward smoothly.

7. Clinical Nurse Specialist

Median pay: – $89,300
Top pay: – $130,000
10-year job growth: – 19%

These advanced practice RNs act as a clinical resource for nurses and work closely with the staff on complex or high-risk patients. Most work in hospitals and evaluate current protocols and help implement new policies. They primarily focus on improving patient care, and can specialize in a particular area of care like oncology or pain management.

8. Database Developer

Median pay: – $88,200
Top pay: – $126,000
10-year job growth: – 23%

Database developers are like data wranglers. Their job is to make sure companies can access data they’ve collected from customers, by coming up with ways to organize it all into something that makes sense. The business uses that information to increase efficiency and profitability.

9. Info Assurance Analyst

Median pay: – $96,400
Top pay: – $126,000
10-year job growth: – 37%
It’s more apparent than ever that our personal information — from emails to what we store on the “cloud” — can be exposed. Information assurance analysts try to prevent that from happening. They determine how to make information easily available to those who need it, while keeping it out of the wrong hands.

10. Pilates/Yoga Instructor

Median pay: – $62,400*
Top pay: – $119,000*
10-year job growth: – 13%
Yoga instructors balance their time between teaching classes that bring the physical and spiritual together, planning what goes into each class and getting the word out about a studio.

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