Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

The Fast Way to Convert PSD to HTML – PSD to HTML Tutorial

The PSD to HTML conversion services is quite well known process to create a website with little afford in minimum time frame. This process is not a rocket science, you only need to know a little effort on Photoshop slicing process and basic html and css. Here you can find the best way to convert PSD to HTML.

Although you can’t create a full advanced and responsive website with this process, but with this you can easily create your static web pages.
Now we discuss about HTML, latest version of HTML is HTML5. Since the photoshop can only convert your PSD template to HTML, you may need to then manually convert your HTML code to HTML5 format. If you want a little more stuffs on your web pages as implementing the JAVAScript and Jquery, you may have to go though with these scripts manually.

Recommended PSD to HTML Converter to Convert PSD to HTML without Programming

Under normal circumstances, people who want to convert PSD to HTML have to write HTML file and then writing CSS file and even JS file for dynamic effects. It may be easy for some professional web designers or programmers but for beginners, it is really a tough job to do that. Is there a simple way to convert PSD to HTML? The answer is positive once you own a comprehensive and easy-to-use PSD to HTML converter.
We Find and Select the best software for convert PSD TO HTML with SliceMaker Platinum. This software can help you convert PSD to HTML without writing HTML file, CSS file and JS file, all you need is a graphic web design in PSD format and then import it into this software with some simple settings, the software will help you create HTML file, CSS file and JS file automatically. Here is the process of Converting a Design From PSD to HTML.

Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

The below is the PSD graphic web design, I will use SliceMaker Platinum V3.5 to convert it to HTML.










Step 1: Import the PSD graphic web design into SliceMaker Platinum








Step 2: Set the Web Root Directory, file encoding, the sliced images’ format, etc. (Tools > Options > Below Operation)








Step 3: Set the Title, Keywords and Description for Your Webpage (Tools > Options > Below Operation)









Step 4: Name your webpage and select HTML as your target language.







Step 5: Start Slicing the Graphic Web Design with SliceMaker Platinum.







Step 6: Add attributes to the sliced images.








Step 7: Start Converting PSD to HTML.







Step 8: View the converted HTML.

8-1: View the converted HTML file.







8-2: View the converted HTML file in the Web Root Directory.







8-3: View the generated HTML file through a web browser.








As you can see, it is very easy to convert PSD to HTML with the help of SliceMaker Platinum. You can recommend any software for convert PSD to HTML.

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